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Meet Becky


Master of Human Nutrition from Deakin University

Member of the Nutrition Society of Australian (NSA) 

Bachelor of Commerce from Griffith University

Credited Swim Teacher Australia

Swozzi Swimwear business owner

'Everything in moderation' was my grandmother's philosophy, and she lived to 102 and was medication free and rode 10km everyday. 


It is about having a balance between work, eating, and exercise, but at the same time always acting sustainably.

My Blogs are  short and straight to the point,  and I find people do not read past the first few paragraphs (well I don't). 

Individual Sodium Sweat Test


This gives us an accurate reading of the amount of sodium (the key electrolyte lost in sweat) you lose every time you exercise. This is actually genetically determined and changes little throughout your lifetime, so one test is enough.


We offer a personalised hydration plan and a mix of products that meet your individual needs.