Meal Portion Sizes

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

A portion is the amount of food that is served and over the years the size seems to be getting bigger. The problem is the more we serve the more we eat.

Why not try an eat all your meals at reduced portion size. We all have appetiser plates at home, so why not use these at meal time?

It is human nature

'The more we serve the more we eat'

I have created a rule in my house that we serve all our meals on appetiser size plates. Anything larger than that is over-eating. We eat the normal planned meal but just reduce the portion size. If we feel we are still hungry, we wait twenty to thirty minutes. Normally the hunger passes.

Eating out

Eating out is where it can become harder. Some easy simple tips we use.

  • Share a meal. As a family of five we tend to just order four meals and this is usual sufficient.

  • If you are dinning alone, keep a container in your bag. Immediately half the meal before eating, so you have portion control. Then take the remainder home for another day.

  • Order an entree/starter or two instead of a main meal.

  • Never leave home without a left-over container if you have children! Either they don't like what was ordered. Or they say they are full after a few bites, but then proceed to be hungry 30minutes later.

If anyone else out there has some great tips, drop me a line at and am happy to add to this blog.

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