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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

It is easy to make your own tasty all natural crackers.

This Cracker Recipe is so so simple:

Chia seeds (1 cup) Sesame seeds (1 cup) Other seeds of your choice (1 cup) Mix with 1.5 cups of water

The Chia seeds are a binding effect when water is added. Lay it out thinly on a oven baking tray. Slow cook at 100 Celsius for 40min then cool. Slice into pieces - then turn over and bake again @100 Celsius again for 40min. Great with Avocado!

Very adaptable

The advantage of creating your own biscuit you can decide what you want to place in it. I have used flaxseed, sunflower, and salt. You can decide the variety of ingredients to fit your use, where it be for a cheeseboard or dips, and not being limited to what a box of store-bought crackers.

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